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Our course attracts government funding and our College is classed as a ‘Private Training Provider’.



You are eligible, as a student of Theatre College of Scotland, to apply for a student loan that will cover most of your course fees. Eligible students will also receive a payment towards your course fees from SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland).

This amount is currently set at £1205.00. (The balance of fees therefore to be paid monthly via Student Loan or Personal Contribution)

Many students pay for their course fees via student loans together with a small personal contribution, made payable through part time work or private means and paid monthly.


Fees for our college course in 2024/2025 are £8375.00 per year. Fees are paid in the following breakdown:

Deposit (Upon acceptance) – £500.00

SAAS contribution – £1285.00

The balance is paid by the student via Student Loan or Personal means as follows:

September payment – £1210.00
8 x Monthly payment (Oct – May) – £672.50



Most Scottish and European applicants will qualify for SAAS funding of £1,285 per year, and will be able to apply for SLC Loans, please visit SAAS website for more information.

Applicants from England do not qualify for funding through SAAS or SLC.

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